Compuscan has committed itself to building Africa’s digital future through Project codeX, an initiative aimed at advancing the careers of aspiring South African developers. In order to meet the growing need for qualified, innovative young developers, we are sponsoring three students to complete the full-time apprenticeship.

At Compuscan, we are passionate about the development of our staff. Not only do we invest in the training and skills development of our team; we are constantly seeking to acknowledge raw talent which has led the company to invest in the training of agile developers.
Sponsored by Compuscan and with their training grounds in the creative hub of Cape Town, three young hopefuls are participating in Project codeX, a full-time apprenticeship aimed at producing master developers who can make a mark in the South African tech industry.

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In an attempt to get to know these students a little bit better, we asked them a few questions:

Onwaba Mrhwetyana

Define creativity within your world:

I’m creative when I think of an idea and actually work to make it happen. For example, I’m working on an app called Creche Connect. It came up because it’s a real life problem that I was facing. I couldn’t find a good creche for my baby. I was at a hackathon on early childhood development and my team was brainstorming, so I thought of rating creches, then our team created an app that is like Trip Advisor for creches. We won the hackathon and now we’re actually building the product.

How are you enjoying the programme so far?

I couldn’t be anywhere better than codeX. codeX is my second family. codex is everything to me. It’s where I learn, where my friends are, it’s not only teaching me how to code, but how to face the reality of life.

What about codeX got you interested to start with?

My friend introduced me to Brothers for All in Langa, which teaches people how to code. At first it was like, I’ll just go because I have nothing better to do, but I know I’m going to fail. But then I got there the first thing that happened is we created a dummy website in HTML and CSS. But it was the best thing I could do, and I was so excited to show everyone I knew the website I had built.  Eventually I was one of the first 6 people who got invited to codeX. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.


Pretty Notshokovu

What about codeX makes you get up every morning?

I feel like I’m already in the world of work, I’ve committed myself to this. When I come to codeX, it’s never a waste of time, each and every day is productive.  As I learn new things, I feel there’s so much I can do for the world. It’s not only about coding, it includes entrepreneurship and mentoring other people too.

What are your career goals?

I want to inspire young women, specifically in Eastern Cape. There are no centres like codeX offering tech work there, so I feel like I can go back there and do for those young women what codeX has done for me.

 Are you busy with any exciting personal coding projects?

I’m busy with Queueless, my app to reduce queues in shopping outlets, looking at basic needs. Everybody needs to shop for food, but everyone always needs to stand in long queues, and they have a lot of other things to do. So people can order food from the shop ahead of time, and then just arrive to pick up their shopping already packed up in parcels. It will also help people to be wise consumers, because it will keep track of spending, and also recommend healthy choices.


Pholisa Natalia Fatyela

Tell us about your proudest moment in life

Coming to codeX was a big achievement from the hard work I did to get in. I had to quit my job at Burger King and in the short term lose the money I was contributing to the family, but I got my parents trust in me, that I am making the right choices for my future.

What are some of your favourite development tools and why?

I really like Python. People find it confusing, but it’s really much more straightforward. Not like Javascript, with all those errors it always gives you! I also like WordPress, because it’s easy to use and simple and direct. It’s easy for me to make websites for other people.

What are some of the biggest lessons you’ve learnt during this programme?

The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that confusion is good. I’m a perfectionist and like planning and to always know what’s coming next. But at codeX, we always are learning complex new concepts. At first, it’s usually difficult and confusing, but after applying the concepts to the stories of the people whose problems we’re trying to solve, the confusion goes away and I know I’ve learned the next level of skills.

About codeX:

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