Compuscan’s Loyalty and Rewards business unit offers fully customizable loyalty and rewards tools, campaign management and execution, consultancy and analytics to engage with and reward your consumer. From creating your own vouchers to developing and executing your full rewards programme, we have product to suite your business’ needs.

Thembi’s Story

Thembi opened her own bakery and coffee shop in town.

As a business woman, Thembi knew retaining loyal customers is less expensive than acquiring new ones.

CS Lending’s Story

CS Lending, an loans company, was struggling with non-payment.

Debt recovery and/or litigation are costly, CS Lending was losing money fast.

Follow the journey Thembi’s shop and a larger company like CS Lending take to increase their loyalty reach and increase their bottom line from creating vouchers to programme evaluation.

Voucher creation with Compuscan’s Enigma

Thembi’s Story

Thembi has a handful of loyal customers, but most of her clientele are once-off customers walking passed her shop.

How can Thembi ensure she rewards her loyal customers but also convert once-off sales to repeat sales?

Using the easy to navigate online portal, Thembi can create her first voucher of many…

Coffee ‘n Cake Voucher

Buy a coffee and slice of cake today, and get 5% off your next purchase.

Digital distribution:

Knowing her customers like convenience, Thembi captures their email and cell phone details to which she can send her voucher’s promotional code.


Using the voucher code, her clients will get 5% off their next purchase.

CS Lending’s Story

CS Lending has a high volume of clients that stop payments before they’ve paid off their complete loan.

How can CS Lending convert the high volume of drop-offs to clients that pay?

Using a voucher creation and management system, CS Lending can give their clients incentives to pay…

Early Bird Incentive:

Borrowers that pay 3 days before the monthly due date, will receive a R50 shopping voucher at a major grocery store.


On the 1st of each month, CS Lending uses its database of client cell phone numbers and email address to send out vouchers to all clients who have paid early.


Using the voucher code, loyal CS Lending clients will be able to redeem their R50 at the selected grocery store partner.

Using Enigma, both Thembi and CS Lending are able to create, distribute, redeem and manage multiple vouchers. But what if they wants to offer vouchers to clients that have not yet heard of their businesses?

Sharing vouchers with Compuscan's Rewards Exchange

Rewards Exchange: Partner

Rewards Exchange: Client

Thembi’s Story

Thembi’s has increased the frequency of returning customers and has established a larger base of regular loyal customers.

She knows there are customers she isn’t reaching, but doesn’t know how she can get to them!

Consumer Research Incentive

A consumer research company is researching consumer behaviour but needs an incentive for participants.

Available Stock

Using Rewards Exchange: Partner, Thembi makes her vouchers available as stock for other companies to purchase and distribute.

Everyone loves a freebie

For each survey completed a participant is given a voucher for a free coffee from Thembi’s Coffee Shop.

Participation = Rewards

With Rewards Exchange: Client, the research company is able to reward survey participants by buying stock of Thembi’s vouchers.

Money in the bank

The survey company buys the stock from Compuscan and Thembi is paid.

The researchers are able to complete their surveys by giving participants an incentive.
Being a partner is FREE for Thembi’s business and she doesn’t have to manage the distribution process. Her business has a new revenue and client stream by Thembi making her vouchers be available.

CS Lending’s Story

CS Lending client payments increased; however, they still see that many clients are leaving to their competitors.

CS Lending needs to offer new and existing clients more than discount to stay.

Using Rewards Exchange: Client, CS Lending has access to a wide stock of vouchers and discounts from service providers such as:

For the coming year, CS Lending decides to launch a few incentives to attract new clients:

New Clients:

New clients applying for Vehicle and Asset Financing get 3 free tyre checks for the duration of their payment contract.


First-time home loan applicants get a R2000 voucher for a hardware store partner.


Using the voucher code, loyal CS Lending clients will be able to redeem their R50 at the selected grocery store partner.

By offering additional benefits for using CS Lending, the company can attract new clients, Rewards Exchange: Client gives CS Lending the ability to reward clients with a wide variety of products and services that they don’t offer themselves.

Being able to share vouchers and having access to vouchers as rewards is great – but how do Thembi and CS Lending let their clients know?

Targeting a market with a loyalty campaign

Thembi’s Story

Thembi has the means to create, distribute and redeem vouchers, but doesn’t know where to start when it comes to marketing her vouchers.

CS Lending’s Story

CS Lending has a marketing department, but they lack the specialist knowledge of loyalty and rewards customer engagement.

Both Thembi and CS Lending have a need for a loyalty and customer engagement campaign to reach the best audience for their products.


Thembi needs to market her vouchers in order to get higher foot traffic.

CS Lending needs to launch an awareness campaign to promote their new incentives.


Combining Thembi’s consumer information and transactional data with Compuscan’s data, a single view current and a potential customer base is created.

Using CS Lending's consumer information with Compuscan’s data, the marketing campaign can target specific audiences.

Value Proposition

“Reward young clients to increase retention and increase new customers between the ages of 18 and 30.”

“Increase customer acquisition by rewarding new clients with vehicle or home related vouchers.”

Campaign Rules

Every Wednesday, Thembi’s young clients get 5% off coffee purchases. An SMS with the voucher code is sent to her current clients on a Tuesday. Social media advertising pushes adverts to young consumers’ pages.

New Vehicle and Asset Financing clients get 3 free tyre checks for the duration of their payment contract. First-time home loan applicants get a R2000 voucher for a hardware store partner.


Compuscan’s Multichannel Marketing Manager is equipped with Thembi’s marketing collateral (adverts, messaging, mailers) needed to engage with these young consumers and offer them Thembi’s Youth Day discount by SMS, MMS, email, or social media.

Vouchers are distributed via email as soon as the application is approved.

Evaluating a loyalty programme with data analytics

Both Thembi and CS Lending don’t have the knowledge and resources to do their own analytics. Big data allows Compuscan to provide all sized companies with analytics to drive their customer strategies.

There are two important aspects necessary for monitoring, analysing and recalibrating the performance, which together can be used to improve a programme significantly.


Using Compuscan’s bureau and non-bureau data and a client’s transactional and consumer data, a larger and enriched database is created.


Expert data scientists create and apply relevant variables and algorithms to generate consumer- and programme-specific insights. Includes:
– Single Customer View
– Customer Analytics
– Benefit Tracking
– Acquisition and Retention Modelling
– Segmentation

Consulting & Reporting

The results of the analytics allows Compuscan’s loyalty consultants to diagnose any problems with a programme, recalibrate the programme to increase profits and efficiency or even fuel new campaigns to generate additional revenue.

Consultancy and reporting at every stage of the customer journey present the insights in a format that makes business sense and in an easy to understand manner.

By now, Thembi knows the loyalty game, and she is ready to manage her rewards programme herself, but she is lacking the correct tools!

Complete loyalty programme control with Encentivize

Compuscan’s all-in-one loyalty and rewards programme creator and manager.

Encentivize is a user-friendly online portal through which rewards teams can create a customised, holistic and fully-realised loyalty and rewards programme using data, analytics, rewards tools and expert consulting from anywhere and for one fee.

With Encentivize, Thembi has access to the following services and products:

Create vouchers with Enigma

Engaging with customer with campaign management and execution

Sharing vouchers through Rewards Exchange

Evaluate your programme using Rewards Analytics

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