In the digital age, the challenge that businesses face is ensuring that the magnitude of data that they have access to is accurate, clean, insightful and secure. Through our Information and Credit Services business, we support our client’s credit decisions and mitigate risks with your data, insights and predictions solutions.

Find out how we can help you make more informed business decisions.

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Products & Services

Bank Codes

Allows a business to obtain a Bank’s opinion on the proposed limits and terms as requested by a debtor.

Pay Date Predictor

Predicts a consumer’s pay date

Employment Confidence Index

Indicates the most probable employer of a consumer.

Affordability Assessment Service

An Affordability Assessment Service to determine a consumer’s discretionary income and ability to fund a new credit agreement.

Codix Lite

Decision support tool specifically designed to cater for smaller credit providers enabling a level of consistent and automated decision making similar to the larger credit providers.

Batch Manager Service

Online Batch Manager Service portal for the management of submissions and retrievals for selected generic batch types.

Employment Confidence Index

A tool used to indicate the most probable employer.

Gross Monthly Income Predictor

GMIP (Gross Monthly Income Predictor) provides an estimate of the gross monthly income of a consumer

Load Defaults Service

A public default notification loading service for non-credit providers.

Person Status Service

Verifies whether an RSA ID Number has been verified by the Department of Home Affairs and provides confirmation of deceased status if applicable.

Person Verification Service

Verifies a consumer’s identity through the generation of specific questions based on the consumer’s personal credit history.


A Decision Support Tool specifically designed for the efficient and consistent application of an organisation’s credit & risk policies.

Compuscore PSY

A credit risk acquisition score, based on an individual’s psychometric profile.


An online Consumer Trace Platform, providing highly effective search functionalities, enabling the efficient locating of debtors.


Our advanced debtor management system, offering an all-in-one credit agreement solution for credit providers.


An automated online loan origination and application processing system.

My Credit Check

An easy-to-use, online portal that give consumers access their credit information.

Compuscore ABC

Predict both customer and commercial credit behaviour and the probability of default throughout the credit life cycle.

Access to Business Information

Gain in-depth insights into the credit behaviour of businesses.

Account Verification Service

AVS (Account Verification Services) is used to verify the bank details of a customer or a business.

Batch Data Service

Batch Data Processing enables the performance of predetermined enquiry types, extracts or data enrichment tasks, as a single process.

Bureau Summary Variables

Maximise the underlying value of our raw data, to power automated decisions at each stage of the credit life cycle.

Access to Consumer Information

Obtain in-depth insights into the credit behaviour of customers, throughout the credit life cycle.

Credit Check

An online platform facilitating access to credit bureau data for the purposes of performing a Credit Bureau Enquiry, on a Natural or Juristic Person, and returning the resultant Credit Report

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