Our Decision Analytics business unit originated after Compuscan and Scoresharp, an expert data science company, joined forces.
Together, our data, data analytics and data management help businesses to make smarter decisions, fuelled by accurate data, and enabling them to manage their changing business priorities. We put big data to work by combining it with analytics, modelling and software to present actionable insights, which enable businesses to better know their customers, manage risk and make the best business decisions.

Driven by Expert Data Analytics Skills
Decision Analytics is led by Pieter van Heerden, who has many years of hands-on experience, and is driven by a team of 25 well-trained and experienced data analysts. Rest assured, we have the correct skills, knowledge, experience and abilities to meet your data analytics needs.

Our Data Analytics Services
Our analytics uses data from various reliable sources in combination with your business data to develop insights to improve decision making, minimise risk, maximise profits, and make predictions on consumers and their behaviour.

The value of any dataset is determined by the quality of information you can extract from it. Storage, maintenance and management of very large datasets is not simple; nor is developing a single view these datasets for predictive data analytics projects.

Data Management

Storage, maintenance and management of large dataset as well as organising the dataset for optimal consumption and analysis.

Modelling Software

Take control over your modelling processes, including dataset analysis, sampling, variables, populations control, accept reject modelling, reject inference checks and reporting.

Model Building

Based on mathematical models, our scorecards provide quantitative estimates to our clients on their customers’ behaviours.


Expert consultancy to help you with data driven strategies, process analytics and business requirements, risk frameworks and credit policy design.

Enabling Software

Enabling software to get you to market fast, while keeping risk in check, driving performance, and optimising the customer journey.


Measurement and ongoing consultancy to improve overall portfolio health.

Our Credit Risk Management Framework and Services

Data Management and Data Analytics

Data for a predictive analytics projects can come from many different sources. Some of the most common sources are within your own organisation. Additional sources include data from Credit Bureaus, such as Compuscan. The value of any dataset is determined by the quality of information you can extract from it. Storage, maintenance and management of very large datasets is not simple; nor is developing a single view these datasets for predictive analytics projects.

We are experts in rapidly aggregating various data sources, such as your in-house application, behaviour, billing, and financial data together with bureau data, which are used to create data architectures that can support predictive analytics, data mining and machine learning applications.

Data Management

Let us help you be in control of your data. We combine your internal data such as billing, CRM, application, and financial data into a single view, after which we supplement your data with external data such as economic data and our bureau and economic data.

Data Analytics

We apply analytics to data to uncover hidden patterns, correlations and other insights. That, in turn, leads to smarter business decisions, more efficient operations, higher profits and happier customers.

Your Solution

By using the power of data and our analytical expertise, we help you gain insights into your business that you can apply. Solutions are tailored to your businesses needs, from solving a problem to auditing and improving models and systems that are already in place.

Data Analytics and Modelling Software

We use Paragon Modeler software, which is a fully integrated predictive model system development environment for the building of application, behavioural, collections and many other varieties of scorecard and decision systems.

We are licensed to sell, train and support Paragon Modeler software, which means we can upskill your in-house analytical team to build models.

Scorecard Model Building

Powerful scorecards to support your business in marketing, customer management, collections, profit optimisation by using your data, enriched with non-bureau and bureau data, and analysed using over 9 000 pinpoint variables.

Scorecard Modelling Service: We build predictive scoring models for many business objectives, including models for Application and Bureau Scorecards, Behavioural (Risk / Attrition / Propensity) Scorecards, and Event Modelling and Profit & Pricing Models.

Scorecard Implementation Advisory: The real benefit of a scorecard or a credit strategy is only evident on implementation. We advise on the best outcome on the implementation of scorecards, but also advise on ongoing scorecard monitoring, validation and audits.

How we build scorecards

Our proven predictive modelling technique ensures models that are highly interpretable, consider business rules, legal and regulatory constraints, operational procedures, and biased or missing data.

Expert Consultancy

Data-Driven Strategies

We solve business challenges in the financial services industry, explore new opportunities, finetune existing programs, minimise risk and improve efficiency. Small improvements to daily business activities can boost traditional profit and loss levers by using data and analytics.

The common areas of your business to apply data-driven strategy design techniques would likely be tactical credit line management (account-level line increases and decreases), early stage collections, or account origination. Looking beyond the commonplace when applying data-driven strategies potential moves include the following:

  • Accelerating growth: Deeper and more detailed profiles of customers, together with transactional and trading analytics, can improve the acquisition and retention of clients, as well as cross- and upselling.
  • Enhancing productivity: Deeper and more accurate responses to regulatory requests and give your teams analytics-enhanced decision support.
  • Improving risk control: You can lower the risk costs through analytics-aided techniques, such as digital credit assessment, advanced early-warning systems, next-generation stress testing, and credit-collection analytics.
  • Benchmarking: Measure yourself against other industry players and understand how you can continually improve.
  • Business expansion: Find new sources of growth and even new business models.

We advise you on the origination, identification, modelling, valuation, measurement, monitoring and management of credit risks and operational improvement services.


Situation, Portfolio and Profitability and Credit Policy Analyses

  • Business practice, decision systems and support procedures analysis.
  • Collections function performance and data accuracy management processes evaluation.
  • New cut-off strategy creation using available data and your business objectives.
  • Credit policy rules and function review.
  • Expert advice on policies, procedures and processes.

Front- and Back-end Reviews

  • New business processes and workflow analysis.
  • Scoring model performance evaluation.
  • Correct risk controls for new business creation.
  • Back-end system analysis and system improvement advice.

Management Information Review

  • Highlight poorly performing products and provide advice on the future strategic directions.
  • Developing a "Risk Management Information" pack designed to improve reaction time.
  • Plan for risk in advance and exploit opportunities.

Process Analysis & Business Requirements

We can analyse your entire credit management process to optimise key processes and implement new requirements by using analytics and models to improve credit decisions, collections, and portfolio management.

We help you optimise, integrate and execute the credit function within the broader organisation’s strategy.

We help you design, optimise and execute on the collection management strategy so that you’re in a position to turn those receivables into working capital.

We help you design, optimise, and execute portfolio management strategy so you can measure and management overall exposure, your overall customer base, and the behavioural patterns of that customer base.

Risk Management Framework & Credit Policy Design

We will help you create a risk management framework for decision-making consistent with the company’s overall risk management objectives. High-level risks can be described as the definition of the risk, sources of the risk, key risk management responsibilities, and risk management principles including risk mitigation. These high-level principles for risk management are implemented through policies, limitations, operational guidelines as well as methodologies and tools for risk measuring, monitoring and reporting. Together these form the risk management framework.

We also help you design the credit policies and procedures focused your goals to increase sales, market share, and profits. Your credit policies should be complete as well as easy to understand, communicate, and enforce. We will help you create, implement, and update procedures for credit-related activities such as new account set-up, billing, payment processing, and collections, to match day-to-day activities with policies, and establish procedures for dealing with problems, unusual requests, and exceptions.

Enabling Software for Data Analytics

To support your business’ data, data analytics and data management needs, we license, install and train your employees in several software packages such as DataView360, Modellica Decision Engine, and SAS Behaviour, thereby giving you the upper hand and rapidly go to market and confidently support all your credit decisions.

We are licenced to sell, train and support Credit Decision Engine Software (Modellica Decision Engine Software) and Data Connection Engine software (DataView360) to make it easier for you to not only implement scoring models, but also dynamically manage products, loan amounts, credit limits, risk-based pricing, and champion/challenger strategies. Our software makes it easy to connect to many different data sources such as your internal data sets, and external data sources, such as credit bureau, ID verification and fraud information systems.


DataView 360

Application processing and enrichment software that automates the application of complex business strategies and rules to consistently make appropriate lending decisions across the organisation.


Modellica Decision Engine

This solution is applied in the automation of decisioning and the deployment of analytical models. Using Modellica, credit granters can quickly enable scoring models and credit policies in their operational environments.


SAS Behave

Drive your strategies proactively at every touchpoint with the customer by using software that combines data management with data analytics, segmentation, and scorecards.

Measurement and Ongoing Consultancy

Your loan portfolio is typically the largest asset and the predominate source of revenue. By providing loans, you are exposed to many risks: credit risk, liquidity risk, market risk, operational risk and others. Therefore, understanding your portfolio’s overall health is critical, during day-to-day activities such as overrides, referrals, prepayments, cancelations, and arears which all affect the portfolio.

Additional Services

Additional consultancy services can help you:

  • Know whether scorecards are performing, and if the population is stable.
  • Obtain actionable information on your Decision Engine performance.
  • Determine effect of change to your portfolio due to events by stress testing.
  • Set goals to improve accounts receivables and collections process.
  • Calculate predictions and work on recommendations that will minimise risk and maximise return on investment.
  • Calculate the value of your portfolio to know the expected return on investments.
  • Know what to provision for credit losses that a company might occur due to credit risk.

Measurement and Reporting

Through our consulting and data analytics, we measure and report on the following:

Net Present Value, Return Expectations

Prediction, Target Setting, Stress Scenarios


Collections Metrics

Policy Rules, Referral Analysis

Decision Process Summary

Overrides & NTU’s

Population Stability

Portfolio Quality

Scorecard Reporting

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