National Credit Act (NCA)

The National Credit Amendment Act (NCAA) 19 of 2014 is thought to potentially have the most significant impact on the credit industry since the National Credit Act (NCA) was implemented in 2007. In this course, you will learn about the history of the credit industry since 2005 when the NCA was first introduced, up to and including all of the amendments brought about by the NCAA.

Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Awareness

This course aims to create an awareness in everyday work activities for the data user; not so much as to be responsible for compliance, but to understand why data users should adhere to the requirements set out by POPIA for the processing of personal information.

Consumer Protection Act (CPA) Awareness

The Consumer Protection Act (CPA) came into effect to place a greater emphasis on consumer rights, after various accounts of consumers being unfairly treated by businesses. The Act regulates the way businesses relate with consumers, how they market their products and services, and the rights that consumers have, among others. Every business should familiarise itself with the provisions of the Act and take measures to ensure compliance, as failure to comply may result in financial penalties as well as imprisonment. The aim of this one-day workshop is to educate business owners/directors and their employees on what the CPA means for their business, as well as how to ensure compliance.

National Credit Act (NCA) Rates & Fees

This course will explain the impact of recent NCA pricing limitations amendments, enabling you to better understand how credit agreements work, the rights of the consumer, as well as how to calculate the cost of credit.

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