The Credit and Decision Analytics (CADA) Conference hosted by Compuscan has made its mark as an exceptional platform for professionals working in the financial services sector in Southern Africa to exchange knowledge, practical experiences, trends, developments, best practices and of course networking.

Every year, the conference has proven to be better than the last. This year’s conference, #2019CADA, will be no different on where we set our sights on bringing your even more – quality speakers, great learning, experiences and networking opportunities with over 200 industry professionals.

South African Credit Bureau Hosts Annual CADA Conference


CADA aims to bring knowledge and insights into trending topics to our delegates. To do so, we source industry experts who are passionate about sharing their ideas, learnings and experiences.

Are you keen to share your expertise with like-minded professionals? Or perhaps you have a great story to share?

We’re looking for diverse, experienced and knowledgeable speakers to present topics relating to:

Credit, Data and Analytics for Financial Services Firms in Sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Credit management advancements/trends in customer prospecting, origination, management and collections.
  • Credit risk, transaction analytics and modelling.
  • Data and predictive analytics for credit management.
  • Advancements in machine learning, AI and scoring.
  • Data and analytics capabilities to structure, solve, and manage problems.
  • Advancements in using non-traditional credit bureau data and machine learning for account origination.
  • Data quality: why it is important and how to achieve it through better data aggregation, data architecture, storage and management.
  • Risk management framework and credit policy design guidelines.
  • Portfolio health assessment, measurements methods and trends.
  • Profit and collections improvement methods.
  • Automated credit decisioning to improve customer experience.

Economics for Financial Services in Sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Economic outlook and trends in South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Impact of digital transformation on economies.
  • Impact of cybercrime on economies.
  • Using data to predict recessions and preventative measures businesses can take.
  • Fintech Trends in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Advancements in blockchain, digital wallets, cryptocurrency, open banking, mobile money and payments.
  • Using technology to improve financial inclusion, education, and market access.
  • Advancements and trends in digitalisation to improve customer experiences.
  • Tech-driven innovation for business-process improvement or disruption.
  • Customer budget management tools and robo-advisors.

Legislation/Regulation Impacting Financial Service Firms in Sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Privacy and data protection.
  • Fintech regulations.
  • Credit regulations.
  • Legislative grey areas in fintech/digital finance.
  • Regulation management in a digital world.
  • Twin peaks regulation model.
  • Big data, machine learning and AI to improve and automate compliance.

Marketing and Loyalty/Rewards for Financial Services Firms in Sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Loyalty and rewards trends for business-to-business and business-to-consumer.
  • Understanding rewards ROI using data analytics.
  • Geolocation and consumer targeting.
  • Customer experience and the new generations (Millennials and GenZ).
  • Personalisation of offers and tailored marketing.
  • Customer prospecting and engagement.
  • Marketing trends for financial services firms.
  • Customer intelligence/value.
  • Market segmentation tools.
  • Why your company needs to be customer-centric: trends, methods and benefits.

Risk Prevention for Financial Services Firms in Sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Cybersecurity in the financial industry.
  • Artificial intelligence used in risk prevention.
  • Employee education and training as a risk prevention method.
  • Organisational structure for the digital economy.
  • Fraud prevention.

You are welcome to send us your own ideas for a topic related to our theme: “Discover Data”.

Presentations must be 20 minutes long. When submitting your application, please be as precise and descriptive as possible – the more direct you are, the easier it is for our team to understand exactly what you would like to speak about.

The chosen speakers will be hosted by Compuscan (complimentary flights, accommodation and meals included) for the duration of the conference.

#2019CADA will run from 4 – 6 September 2019 at the luxury Zimbali Hotel in Durban; with arrival activities starting from mid-day on 4 September, and conferencing taking place on 5 September (full day) and 6 September (half day). Conference concludes at lunch time on the 6th.

Email [email protected] to submit your topic suggestion, proposal, or presentation by 04 April 2019.

Watch this 2018 Credit and Decision Analytics conference overview video to find out more about this exciting event or download our conference magazine here.

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