Credit Check is a multi-channel product which facilitates access to Compuscan Bureau Data, thus enabling clients to make informed business decisions.

Credit Check offers a comprehensive range of functionalities, providing subscribers with access to up-to-date consumer credit information in real time, in the form of Consumer Credit Reports. This enables our clients to make informed business decisions with confidence, whether they are registered credit providers or non-credit-providing entities such as, Debt Collectors, Tracing Agents or Debt Counsellors.

Through the Compuscan Credit Check system, clients are able to access positive and negative consumer credit data, monitor internal branch activity, and minimize risk while conducting business within the consumer credit space

Compuscan has specifically developed this product based on our intricate understanding of the credit industry, and the challenges faced by our clients when seeking to transact in an ever-changing Consumer Credit Market.  Credit Check provides convenient access to Credit Bureau data for its incorporation into our clients’ existing risk mitigating strategies.

Using our data sets and tools, clients are able to conduct proper affordability assessments, access and contribute to reliable contact information, determine repayment probability, evaluate risk, view fraud information, access legal enforcement information, prevent adverse behaviour and lower the cost of credit.

These data sets include:

  • Demographic and Public Domain Data (incl. Deeds Data and CIPC Principal Information)
  • Debt Counselling Notifications
  • Consumer Credit Data (SACRRA Data, CPA/NLR Data)
  • Fraud Notifications (SAFPS Data)

Credit Check Alerts Monitoring forms part of our credit reporting system’s value added functionalities, which gives clients the power to monitor their debtors’ movements and be alerted to changes on their credit profile in real-time.

Credit Check Key Features:

  • Easily access consumer credit reports
  • Quick result display
  • Retrieves positive and negative data
  • Definite matches and possible matches returned
  • Perform affordability assessments with ease
  • View detailed lists of enquiry information
  • Internal audit trail facilities
  • Compatible with all internet browsers
  • Can integrate fully with: Compuscore ABC, Codix / Codix Lite and Compuloan

Credit Check Key Benefits:

  • Perform thorough credit assessments
  • Minimise risks by monitoring clients’ credit activities
  • Make informed credit decisions
  • Constant access to reliable data in real-time
  • Maintain compliance with the NCA
  • Monitor user activities and maintain security

Tiaan van Dyk is the product owner for Credit Check. With almost 5 years’ Bureau Services experience, and known as a walking library of Bureau Products and Services, Tiaan is the person to speak to if you would like more information on this product.  His focus is on the continued rationalisation and alignment of Credit Check within the greater suite of Bureau products and services, on contributing towards the continued evolution of Credit Check to ensure it remains at the forefront of innovation, and on better serving Compuscan clients. Contact Tiaan on [email protected]

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