With regards to the Credit Providers Association’s (CPA’s) Project Evolution which is currently underway, the CPA is arranging for contact sessions to be held with both its and National Loans Register (NLR) members to bring more light to the situation.

According to the CPA, “This project aims to deliver a unified payment performance dataset ensuring daily updates of new, closed and paid up records, while increasing the quality of monthly submissions by members thereby ensuring the delivery of inclusive, up-to-date, reliable and complete consumer data for risk decisioning and affordability assessment by Members.”

The contact sessions will be split into three sections – namely:

  • Technical Representative – focusing on extract development and submissions, including inputs/outputs, layout updates etc.
  • Business Representative – focusing on the impact of the project, internal communications amongst members and a general business overview.
  • Scoring and data receipt – focusing on batches, enquiries etc.

The CPA tentatively plans to host the first contact session on 23 October 2012 in Cape Town. Further contact sessions are also to be arranged in Johannesburg and Durban. Please note that these arrangements are tentative at this stage.

These sessions will be of benefit to all CPA and NLR members and will aid the smooth implementation of the project.

In order to indicate your interest in attending the contact session, please email Compuscan at [email protected]. Please indicate which business area mentioned above is of specific interest to you, if applicable.

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